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Fall is for Planting

So the summer has been pretty rough on your grass, garden, shrubs and flowers; huh?

Well now is the time to kick revitalizing into full gear. September is a great month to get a head start on preparing things for the winter.


Head out to your local garden store because now is the time to buy things that bloom in the fall, like ornamental grasses. For a great selection of ornamental grasses, visit the Garden Supply Co in Cary, NC off of Old Apex Road. If you like them on Facebook, you’ll also received special discounts and coupons that the general public do not receive.  The staff at the Garden Supply is so friendly and helpful and the owner’s are such generous people.  On October 8th, our community outreach division will be holding a fundraising event at the Garden Supply for our first home makeover.  More details to follow shortly.  Visit the Designed to Care Web Site to learn more about our Outreach Division and how we are doing good in our community.



Green Grass Secrets…

September means its time to fertilize that fescue lawn.  Its also time for aerating and over seeding – just wait until mid to late September since the beginning of September is still pretty hot. If you live in Cary, NC, you can apply for a watering permit that allows you to water everyday for two weeks, which is vital since seeds need to stay wet to germinate and grow. Check the Town of Cary’s Website closer to the end of the month to apply for your permit.  It is also important to keep that lawnmower as high as possible during the hot summer days.  Yes, you will have to mow your lawn more often, but it sure will be healthier and greener as a result.

Get out that shovel, its time to plant…

September is also a great time for planting trees, shrubs, evergreens and annuals. And if you are really ambitious, sow sweet william, delphinium, sweet peas and snapdragon seeds now to bring color in the early spring.

Since you are already playing around in the yard, its time to rejuvenate the vegetable garden. Clear the garden of tired veggies and replace with cool season veggies like radishes, onions and asparagus crowns, which grow from November 15 – March 15.

It is also time to be thinking about the placement of bulbs since October is a great time to get them in the ground for the spring crop.  My favorite spring bulbs include tulips and daffodils, which flower from mid February to mid May.

Some Important Bulb Tips:

  • When purchasing, make sure the bulbs you choose are firm
  • Buy early so you can get first pick
  • If the bulbs have nicks or loose skins, don’t fret, this does not effect the bulbs negatively.  In fact, this condition encourages the root process.
  • Keep cool (50-65 F) until you are able to plant.  And keep away from ripening fruit since they produce ethylene

Soil Preparation:

  • Be sure to have good drainage
  • Since our soils in Wake County, NC are mostly clay, mix (up to a 50% mixture) an organic amendment such as peatmoss or compost to the clay
  • However if your soil contains mostly sand, mix and organic amendment to increase water holding capacity.
  • Soil pH should be within the 6-7 range.  You can buy a soil testing kit at your local home improvement store or you can contact your local extension office for a soil sample test.

Look for next months post to learn how to plant bulbs and when to water and fertilize.  Exterior Spaces is always available to answer your fall landscaping questions.