Freshly Picked Flowers

For the love of flowers…

At Exterior Spaces we love fresh cut flowers in the office.  The beauty, color and scent really brightens our moods and makes us a little happier.  Today we headed to the garden to see what we could gather for a display, and we so very please with our bounty.  Today we were able to gather beebalm, purple coneflowers, and hydrangeas.  The pinks and purples really brighten things up and the smell of the beebalm is refreshing.

Other great fresh cut flowers… 

Daisy, Black-eyed-susan, Day Lily, Sunflower, Salvia, Butterfly bush, Daffodil, Summer phlox, Iris, babysbreath, and

Making them last…

  1. The time of day matters – cut them in the early morning or later in the day when it is cooler.
  2. Cut with a very sharp knife (not serrated)
  3. Make the cut on a slant to expose more stem surface area.
  4. Remove any leaves that will be underwater
  5. Get them in water immediately!
  6. Feed them.  If you don’t want to use plant food purchased from the store then try the recipe below:
  • Add one part lemon-lime soda (not diet) to 3 parts water.  Then to each quart of this solution, add 1/4 tsp bleach.  Thereafter, add 1/4 teaspoon bleach after each 4 days of use.

Flowers make us happy…

A behavioral study conducted by Rutgers found that flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods.  The study concluded that:

  1. Flowers impact happiness.  Receiving flowers invokes such nice feelings of love and happiness.  Think about the last time someone sent you flowers.  Did it make you smile from ear-ti-ear?  You probably were in a good mood for the rest of the day.  For me, flowers are instant happiness.  I love flowers, especially those picked from my garden.
  2. Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods.  Don’t you just feel better when flowers are sitting around your office or home?  I usually take the time to enjoy their fragrance or simply stare at their beauty.
  3. Flowers make intimate connections.  The last time your significant other gave you flowers you probably paid a little bit of extra attention to him or her that day, right?  🙂  Or perhaps that flowers you sent grandma for her birthday caused her to call and talk to you more because she was reminded of you every time she look at the flowers.
  4. Seniors find comfort with the presence of flowers.  Research has shown that flowers reduce depression and improve memory of seniors.  So the next time you head over to visit grandma and/or grandpa, take them some flowers….it sure will do them a lot of good.

Go out and pick some flowers!  It’ll really brighten your day.  🙂

Much love, Heather Foust
 Exterior Spaces


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